USA Visit and New Mini-Movie to be Released

October 14, 2016

Dear Friends,

We’re so excited to be releasing a brand new mini-movie focusing on the ministry to children in China. It will come out on YouTube and Vimeo shortly… so stay tuned. This video definitely took me longer to make than any other. I’m very happy with the result and pray it will inspire action to bring more children to Jesus in China. As always, a video would not be good without content or music… a big thank you to my wife Janis for guiding me to some of the key soundtracks and Jael Fischer for the incredible videography. 

After 50 hours of editing… the 4 minute mini-movie has been completed


Above are some stills from the video…

Visit to the USA

Janis, Asa and I will be traveling to the USA for our first itinerating trip since returning to Hong Kong in the summer of 2014. We are very excited to be visiting again and will be traveling to a number of different churches and pastors conferences. Our number one goal when itinerating is simply to build quality relationships with everyone we meet. After 13 years of living on the mission field with my family, one thing I’ve seen God do over and over is connect people with a similar heart and vision for the unreached in China. 

A recent 2016 article has ranked Hong Kong as the most expensive country in the world for expatriates to live in. This also means it is the most expensive city in the world for missionaries to live in because missionaries are, in essence, expatriates. Yet even as our family continues to grow, (and the Fischer Family now with three separate households), rents (HK also has the highest cost of living in the world), vehicles, etc., God has continued to provide for every need.

We are so thankful for every one of you whom God has placed in our lives. I wished we could see everyone this short 3 week trip, but we’ll just have to keep up on social media until we can make all the rounds :P. 


Naiah, Janis, and Asa