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XIAO LI had never heard v2

Our Mission

We are a strategically based missionaries in Hong Kong, China evangelizing and discipling the next generation of unreached Chinese people.

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Naiah & Janis Fischer

What We Do

We have been living in Hong Kong, China as missionaries since 2003 and have pioneered a missions ministry with our family called China Missions. To learn more, check out

1) Help pastor a missions church plant in Hong Kong
Our desire is to lead families in our city to be all-in for God, discover their purpose, and make an eternal difference in their nation.

2) Lead missions trips into Mainland China
Trips are comprised team members from Hong Kong and the USA and include Bible delivery, underground kids camps, orphanage visits, and support to local churches and believers.

3) Recording and writing Chinese Worship music for the people of China and Hong Kong
Worship music is being distributed to all major streaming services in China and Hong Kong.

Why China?

Over 200 million people in China have never heard the name of Jesus even once.

It’s hard to believe that in today’s high-tech, modern world this could be true. But unfortunately it is. Based on the ratio of children to adults in China (about 1 to 5), this fact also shows that tens of millions of these who’ve never heard are children.

We endeavor to do our part in taking the Gospel to the great nation of China. 

For every 71 missionaries sent into the world, only 1 goes to China.

World Population vs Missionaries Received


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